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Here are the top suggestions to improve OpenShot, submitted by social media (Facebook, Google+, and this blog) and weighted by voting! The larger the word, the more votes (i.e. likes, +'s, etc...) it received. I will be sending prizes for the top 2 suggestions on each social network, listed below. If you would rather view all suggestions, download this PDF.

Winning Suggestions from Google+:


Mike AshelbyProxy MediaProxy media - user defined low resolution copies of the video you're editing so you can do more complex editing than your computer would otherwise allow. (Eg. Downscale 1080p footage to 480p for editing)16

Che DeanSimpler Transitions & MoreA more simplistic interface for transitions, Title, Credits...I hate to say it but something similar to MS Movie Maker and a quick YouTube upload button among other online 9

Winning Suggestions from Facebook:


Mark ThorndykeAutomatic Time Syncautomatic time sync (best fit) for audio between multiple different cameras capturing the same performance. (example. three cell phones recording a singer)10

Kálmán SzalaiStability & More* Stability (I thing this woud be the most important feature)
* Cut video with preview
* Masking
* Import of subtitle and burn in to the video
* More text templates
* Text effects with animation - to create greate screen captions
* Automatic photo album generation (select plenty of photos, select cool transition effect (zoom and fading, 3D picture switch, etc) and music automatically
* Live preview in the secondary monitor
* Grouping video clips and move, copy togethet
* Use GPU to accelerate rendering
* Subtite editor
* Import form Firewire
* Visualise audio with spectrum
* More precise way to add tranisition effects
* More precise control over effects
* Possibility to change effects strength during one clip

Winning Suggestions from this blog:


zorksox Group EffectsHow about something that you could call "effect presets"? The user could group a bunch of different effects into one "super effect" that they could save as a preset for use in any project. The preset would not only contain the effects, but customized information of each one (like the amount of camera blur or chroma key with a specific color and threshold).

For example, one could combine camera blur, posterization, and frame-rate reduction. They could save the whole thing as "Trippy psychedelic effect".

Tristan Rineer Project TemplatesI'd love to see "Project Templates" that can have everything from a preset format, included clips/images, to a saved description and visibility for uploading through the YouTube API.6

Some of these suggestions are already being worked on in OpenShot 2.0. For example:
  • Stability
  • Multi-Select of Clips
  • Batch Rendering
  • Proxy Media
  • Project Templates
  • Simpler Transitions
  • Easier Title & Credit Animation

Thanks again for all the great suggestions! It is always great to listen to the community and see what features are most wanted! I'm always surprised by a couple of them (great ideas I've never thought much about before). But for the most part, I think we are working on the features that the community wants the most. =)