5 Nov

I am happy to announce that the OpenShot website (www.openshot.org) now fully supports translations (6 languages so far), and I am looking for some brave translators who are interested in helping me translate our content into even more languages.

Check out our website translations (so far):

Dutch: nl.openshot.org
Finnish: fi.openshot.org
French: fr.openshot.org
Icelandic: is.openshot.org
Norwegian Bokmal: nb.openshot.org
Ukrainian: uk.openshot.org

If you speak one of these 6 languages, please help me spread the word about them. It will take time for search engines to index them, and the more links to these URLs the better (and sooner) the search engines will figure them out.

Help bring OpenShot to more people!

We still need a bunch of help completing translations for the OpenShot website, so if you are a non-English native speaker, and would like to help contribute translations, all it takes is some free time, and a web browser: translations.launchpad.net/openshot/website. [Please no automated translation tools such as Google Translate].

Get Involved!

It's a bunch of fun to work on OpenShot, and I would love to work with more people, more developers, more translators, more testers, and anyone with an interest in seeing OpenShot improve. As always, feel free to contact me: jonathan@openshot.org and introduce yourself. Talk to you soon!