3 Jul

Someone pointed out to me that trimming a clip on the timeline in OpenShot is like being blind-folded with a pair of scissors in one hand. That sounds dangerous doesn't it! So, we have improved the trim / resize feature in OpenShot to work like this:

  1. User switches to 'Resize' / 'Trim' mode (i.e. which you can now do with the TAB key)
  2. As the user starts to trim the edge of the clip, the video window switches to 'Preview' mode for that clip
  3. As the user drags the edge of the clip back and forth, the preview window automatically seeks to the trimmed frame. In other words, it shows you a live preview of exactly where you are trimming.
  4. When you user stops trimming (i.e. they stop clicking their mouse button), the video window returns to it's original preview of the timeline
We only preview trims of video or image sequences, not audio or images. Although this isn't exactly how Adobe Premiere works, it seems to work really nicely. It's really the same concept as a separate trim widget with IN and OUT markers... but just integrated into the timeline.